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Kids Artwork Frame - Front Opening Frame

✔ Ready-made Delivered                            ✔ Ecological and safe materials

✔ Fast delivery                                             ✔ The set includes one frame

✔ Peel & Stick, no nails needed                   ✔Holds up to 150 sheets                                 

Artwork Frame Dimensions and Details

This model is presented in one size (25x34cm). Kit includes 1 finished frame - ready to install. The drawings are secured with two elastics from the inside that fix the works. On the back is the nano tape with strong adhesive, no nails needed!

Artwork Frame for Kids Description

  • Children's photo frame that enhances creativity and provides the special place to keep imaginative works. This frame opens from the front and easily replaces the front work with the new masterpiece.
  •  This type of interactive frame holds up to 150 sheets from A6 to A4 size. Presented in three colors: Black, White, Brown.
  • The drawings are secured with two elastics from the inside that fix the works. The ideal solution for storing and displaying pictures, drawings, crafts, paintings, herbals, entomological collections (entomological box for collecting butterflies, insects, spiders), diplomas, medals, collages, postcards, handprints, moodboard, or advent calendar.
  • A lock is installed on the door and the frame can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • The laconic and modern design will be a wonderful decoration for the interior of a child's room, bedroom, living room, kitchen or hallway.
  • A great gift for any holiday, birthday, kindergarten or school graduation, New Years and Christmas.
  • Frame for storing children's drawings, frame that opens for pictures, frame for storing drawings.
  • A perfect organizer for your homes.
  • Artwork Frame
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