Photo wallpaper is a unique design tool that combines affordable prices, multiple solutions and quality results.
However, this result can be reduced to “no” if you approach the installation of wallpaper anyhow. The easiest way to avoid this is to hire a professional who will do all the work quickly and efficiently. Do you want to hang the wallpaper yourself? In order not to be disappointed and redo it later, you need to meet a number of important conditions:
1.    Old wallpaper must be cleaned, completely removing any remaining adhesive.
2.    Align the wall as much as possible.
3.    Before gluing the wallpaper, carefully prime the wall.
4.    Use only high-quality glue, which should only be applied to the wall.
5.    Glue the wallpaper end-to-end, trying to perfectly match the pattern.
6.    Use a rubber roller to remove any air bubbles (if any) and remove excess glue with a damp towel.
All! Your design wall is ready!
Did not work out? Better call a specialist.

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